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About The Fundamental Youth League

Introducing After School “Team” Sports

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Introducing an after school program where children will improve their athletic skills, have fun and learn valuable lessons that can only come from playing in team sports.

Welcome to the Fundamental Youth League (FYL) ...giving our kids the opportunity to play “team based” sports at THEIR school while being coached by highly qualified and trained instructors.

Top Level Instruction

Program led by Coach Derek Locklear & Coach Derek Coaches

The Highest Quality Program …
On Your Child’s School Campus

  • All teams will be coached by Professional Coaches - No conflicts of interest
  • Supervised practice for one hour a day, once a week
  • One “GAME DAY” tournament against other partner schools every month
  • The League will last the length of the School Year
  • Small Teams = More Playing Time = More Touches = MORE FUN
  • Age division breakdown K-2nd & 3rd-5th
  • Fall Season: Basketball
  • Winter Season: Flag Football
  • Spring Season: Baseball/Football
PRICE: $95 a month - billed on the 1st of each month.
  • Parents will not have to worry about signing up more than once.
  • Once enrolled, you are enrolled in the class until you opt-out.
  • Your credit card are charged $95.00 per month including long or short months. (It evens out in the end)
  • Billing stops for summer months.

More Info...

For more information, please email coachderekinc@gmail.com

Funleague Flag Football Schedule K-5th

Starts the week of Monday Jan 7th 2019

Participating school communities include

FYL Schedule & Registration Here

Fundamental Youth League

Top Level Instruction

Program led by Coach Derek Locklear & Coach Derek Coaches.

Coach Derek Locklear

Coach Derek Locklear

Coach Derek is more than a sports coach, he's also a life coach. His insightful and enthusiastic personality motivates children to learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, determination and self-esteem. Coach Derek inspires children to look within themselves.

"I coach to teach something that goes beyond simply winning. I feel that if a child has a dream to get to the next level in his or her sport, then I want to play a part in helping them see that dream come true. Most of all, I believe that there are important principles to be learned from winning and losing."
- Coach Derek Locklear

As owner of Coach Derek Inc., Derek founded Let's Give Them a Shot with the vision of creating a program that would serve underprivileged children in at-risk neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area.

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